In Security Advisors we need honest and responsible people with the following profile:
Sex: Male/female
Age: 20 - 50 years old
School history: Junior High (completed)
Marital status: Any
Time availability: able to exchange shifts
Availability for: socio-economic study and polygraph test

If you are interested, please send your resume to:
55 7672 0230
55 8095 9507
Or call:
01 (55) 6381 – 0128 ext.120
01 (55) 5661 – 0112 ext.120
01 (55) 5661 – 0067 ext.120

Recruitment process

To apply for any of our positions, it is necessary to have all your documents available in their original forms.

Job application correctly completed, without blank spaces.
Original birth certificate
Personal ID (CURP)
Social Security Number (IMSS)
Official ID (INE or IFE, passport, professional certificate) in their original forms.
Military ID in its original form.
Original school certificate (junior high completed for operative staff).
Proof of residency, issued less than three months ago (Telmex, CFE, etc.)
Two letters of recommendation (work-related).
Two letters of recommendation (personal).
Federal tax payer ID (RFC)
No criminal (federal) record, issued less than three months ago, in its original form.
Medical certificate, issued less than three months ago.

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