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Security Advisors was founded in 2013 by a group of Marine Infantry Captains, who after successfully serving Mexico for twenty uninterrupted years, channeled their vocation of service to society by providing business value in the private sector; In addition to the operational experience in the field, generated during two decades in the Marine Infantry – Navy of Mexico – SEMAR, they held management positions in different multinationals, which generates a solid understanding of business, discipline, determination, decisive actions and the ability to make things happen.

Our strengths

We contribute to the P&L of our clients, since our proven Dynamic Protection System generates efficiency and savings that oscillate 20% per year.

Extensive experience in business profitability, in Mexico and LATAM, combining social responsibility.

Comprehensive quality assurance system based on ISO 9001: 2015.

Clear understanding of the four fields of power in Mexico and Latin America.

20 years of successful service Our Leadership


Contribute to the achievement of our clients’ strategic objectives, generating certainty in their daily operations.


To become the main business security services company in Mexico and Latin America, in synergy with society in general, maintaining sustainable development.


Honesty, commitment, responsibility, loyalty and respect.

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