Private Security Services

Our private security services in Mexico offer you a range of possibilities to protect your assets.


Custody of Freight Transportation

Our experience in handling sensitive information, clear processes, training and analysis of tracking technology, has allowed us to abate incidents without the need for major investments.


Intramural Security Officers

Comprehensive protection of People, Facilities, Assets, Product and Information, we develop appropriate solutions to business needs.


360 Degree Risk Assessment

We collaborate with our clients for the optimal protection of People, Facilities, Assets, Information and Reputation.


Reliability Certification

Reliability of personnel for critical positions is based on an objective methodology. Our polygraphists are certified by the American Polygraphy Association (APA).


Consulting In Corporate Security

We provide advice on the different disciplines inherent to Corporate Security Departments.


Executive Protection

We carry out a Master Protection Plan for Executives, in which we offer a level of protection consistent with the level of risks identified.


Crisis Management

Our Crisis Committees have the ability to provide assertive responses and manage optimal information management before, during and after the crisis situation.


Prospective Intelligence

We run the Intelligence Cycle to generate a personalized product for our clients that includes future estimates for business decisions.

Center of Attention, Analysis and Strategy (CENAAE)

24 Hours 365 Days A Year

• Monitoring of all services.

• Collect news and incidents.

• Supervises punctuality and attendance of all staff.

• Contact the services to request information or support in the solution of incidents and / or emergencies.

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